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  • BallerNation003 8 months ago

    also the flyknit itself is normal, but there is a layer of fuse under the
    flyknit. bro you really need to work on your facts.

  • Doug Burruano 8 months ago

    dude u don’t know what ur doing..don’t say anything about performance 

  • cjelite Ballin 8 months ago

    Ur chubby

  • BallerNation003 8 months ago

    the pressure mapped outsole is not a map of kobe’s foot.

  • Kyle Tetzlaff 8 months ago

    Im in fl and haven’t seen them anywhere wtfff

  • Celticsole23 8 months ago

    kindoff a bruce lee colorway

  • ELiTE1TRC 8 months ago

    I know you record with your phone but how do you make it 720p what do you
    use to edit the vids?

  • BlurIcee 8 months ago

    Your spoiled and you suck at ball

  • BDomo 8 months ago

    These people just jealous bc they can get their hands on a pair. Great vid

  • Devin Pro 8 months ago

    How does this kid a pair of Kobe 9s when even kick genius hasent even got a
    pair yet?

  • Nicholas Moore 8 months ago

    cool kicks! Wish I had them.

  • mike Loving 8 months ago

    so did you take back your other shoes back ?

  • Connors Kicks 8 months ago
  • Doug Burruano 8 months ago

    dude u r spoiled….no real quality .kickgenius is were its at